Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Historic Racing Drivers Club
Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone. 31st March.
My, my, the enthusiasm shown for historic racing was paramount here at Porsche's superb venue with some 25 HRDC historic race cars being put through their paces by their talented owners was infectious! Journalists were treated to a great exhibition of just how fast you can go in some quite unlikely '50s and '60s machinery! The gorgeous Mrs Beever simply blew away even the most cynical of motoring scribes with her spirited handling of her venerable but indecently agile 'HMS' Rover 105S!

Diversity seems to be the bye-word with the HRDC. Just take a look at the Standard Vanguard Phase 1 racer sitting upon its custom built Standard Vanguard period transporter - style simply doesn't get better in any historic race paddock! The arrival of the Studebaker Lark Daytona 500 sent a prominent collector of rare historic machinery into a spin - what price do you place on this unique example? The MG Magnette ZA  is a tribute to the owner's Grandmother - Nancy Michell - who drove these cars for the Factory Team back in the '50s, with great success! Another unique racer is the Lenham Spitfire GT, veteran of several races at the Goodwood Revival, it is has recently been rebuilt in anticipation for a full season with the HRDC this year. The Cortina GT Mk.1 is well known within the historic racing fraternity and did it's bit to launch the new HRDC 'TC63' Series for pre-'64 touring cars last October at Snetterton - a clever twist on historic tin-top racing that eliminates the high-spending teams with 'homolgation specials' from entering - thus keeping the entry costs down and the spectator interest high as the pre-'64 dateline encourages lateral thinking when choosing a suitable car for the Series. Oh! The MGB? Just the actual Hopkirk/Hedges 1965 Le Mans car................due out at Castle Combe on 9th April with owner Barry Sidery-Smith in the HRDC's 'MGB50' Series - a Series celebrating 50-years of  the MGB in competition.

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